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This Collar is Making a Big Change in Homes... And In Your Pets!

✓ Less Fur Shedding in Your Pets!
✓Less Sweeping and Vacuuming!

The Smart Collar uses Magnetic Energy to help improve the well-being of your pet’s good health. The Benefits are a better circulation of blood flow which creates a happy and healthier pet.

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Health Benefits

Reduces Shedding

Do you keep seeing pet fur and pet hair flowing around in your room? Say goodbye to sneezing! Enjoy less sweeping and vacuuming in your home. TSC promotes stronger pet hair follicles.

Brighter Eyes

Cloudy eyes can be a symptom of varying eye problems for your pets. Some of these can be painful! With TSC blood flow circulation is improved. And that can bring about faster healing to any injury or infection.

More Energy

Our young cats and dogs have enough energy to wear us down for the day. But the older pets get, the lesser energy they have. The Smart Collar is the perfect companion for geriatric dogs and cats. Say goodbye to lethargy, and say hello to more energy!

Less Fatigue

When your pets feel pain, they are physically and emotionally drained. Too much pain can lead to fatigue. The good news with TSC? Biomagnetic therapy helps relieve pain and encourages more endorphin production. A happy pet all the way!

Shinier Fur

When your pets are healthy and happy, it all shows in the sparkle and shine of their fur. There's no room for dull pet hair. For your fur baby, a healthy inside, glows in the outside.



I see a difference in the amount of energy they have. It really works and I would recommend it for other dog owners or pet owners. Thank you Smart Collar!


After using The SmartCollar on my Red Healer, I noticed a drastic reduction in her shedding problem within first few weeks by about 70%. Gypsy also seems to be energetic & happy!

Don B.

It was the best thing I bought for my dog it has changed him for the better he is much calmer in store when we go shopping as he is a therapy dog.

Desi B.

This Collar really works and I will be a customer as long as I have a pet.

Jocelyn K.

Within only two weeks, not only did I notice a huge difference when doing the cleaning and vacuuming, but even my husband said to me 'You know, Baxter isn't shedding nearly as much as before'. For him to take notice really means something! I am absolutely sticking with The Smart Collar for sure.

Ruth P.

I really like the multiple colours to choose from!

Steph C.

It was so nice to talk to u today on the phone and I appreciate your help in finding the correct size collars for my kitties.


This past December, I tried The Smart Collar on my 12 yr old Whippet and I found that there was definitely a visible reduction in the amount my pets' shedding within a few weeks and this has continued in the months since then. My dog seems more energetic too.The collar does work; as promised!

John S.

It is a very durable collar. We definitely highly recommend The Smart Collar.

Diane M.